Shane Vincent – Gym Manager – Personal Trainer

Shane grew up in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. His first passion was racing BMX bikes, which he pursued for three years professionally. During this time, he taught clinics and trained athletes, and, while participating in races himself, he earned district, national, and world championships.

At 22, Shane enlisted into the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout. During his 2006 deployment in Iraq, he developed personal training programs for his troop. Eleven months into his deployment, Shane’s vehicle was struck by an IED, resulting in a fractured neck, blown out vertebrae, over 150 breaks to hips and pelvis, traumatic brain injury, and 3 months in a coma. He spent 10 months hospitalized, told that he would never be able to walk again. However, Shane beat the odds, and worked tirelessly through Physical Therapy and his own personal training to prevent future injuries and not only walk again, but achieve amazing physical performance.

Due to this, Shane has developed a great passion for life and physical fitness. He is a witness of the amazing effects exercise can have on ones health and although he is still in pain today he will not let it define him. He exercises daily as it helps keep his pain at a minimum. Strong muscles is what hold him together and allow him to live a good quality of life. For the last eight years, he has worked as a personal trainer and made it his goal to show others how beneficial exercise can be both physically and mentally.

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Matt Giuliano – Founder

Matt graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2012 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and he has had a vision of combining healthcare and fitness since before going to PT school. His dream has come true in combining a clinic with a gym to make them work together for an improved experience. He wishes to set a new standard of quality in practice that is unmatched by any other.

In an ever evolving society where medicine and technology are making great strides our professions must evolve accordingly. Long have we been stuck in a clinical setting with mostly the same modalities and equipment we used decades ago.

It is time to immerse our patients and clients into a healthier lifestyle as part of their treatment or gym experience. Beyond the Gym and Beyond Physical Therapy add the missing piece that each other was lacking.

On one hand the clinic adds the expertise to prevent, manage, and overcome injury and the gym adds on the ability to go beyond a clinical setting and immerse the patient holistically into active and healthy lifestyle.    

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