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What Makes our gym "Go beyond"?

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High Quality Equipment

Our equipment has been carefully chosen to ensure the best possible quality for our members. This includes brands such as Rogue, Cybex, Hammer Strength, and Strive.

Guided by Physical Therapists

Partnered with Beyond Physical Therapy, our members have access to guidance by our doctors of physical therapy, experts in sports medicine, to help by performing treatments or guiding exercises to ensure safe progress.

Members Only Access

Our doors are equipped with magnetic locks that only open when unlocked by an active member’s wireless key fob. Members can feel safe when working out knowing no one can get in who isn’t supposed to.

Open Most of the Day

We have been working to expand our hours of operation to fit our members busy lives. Already being open from the very early morning to late at night, we are constantly working to fit our members’ schedules.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers are equipped with an incredible education on how the body works. Not only are they proficient in their fields alone, they work hand in hand with physical therapists to ensure our members get the safest and most effective training.

Accepting Members at All Stages

It can be hard to go from being active, to having added difficulty when exercising. Our trainers and physical therapists are perfectly capable of handling the needs of any member to help them achieve their goals!

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